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Author Topic: Michael Czysz e1pc Interview Video Notes  (Read 4309 times)


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Michael Czysz e1pc Interview Video Notes
« on: December 29, 2009, 01:23:04 AM »

Found an interview with Czysz that has a lot of great info on the e1pc. I took some notes...

Alternative energy thing hit everybody by surprise – Motorsports industry was surprised by how quickly the market is available for this.

300 foot pounds initial torque – more than most passenger cars on a small contact patch

Nominal / sustained – 150 foot pounds

Magical – 1 moving part, perfect torque delivery
-   This is what everyone was serching for.
-   Add a layer of electronics to control initial throttle application. FIRMWARE

Rear suspension simplified from C1 so he could get it into production quicker. 6:00

-   MC is a bicyclist
-   E1pc had full regen 9:15

Expectations for e1pc in TTXGP:
-   “we could have a fuse blow in the first 2 minutes” 9:45
-   Competition: so far just press releases and hype so hard to tell how they will do.

-   Really difficult struggle - economy
-   Electric is more relevant than ICE
-   MC was pessimistic about electric
-   Hybrid is the ultimate – 11:15

Tesla lessons learned
-   burnt 100 + million of cash to build a lotus that’s electric, but they did it.

-   sourced the batteries
-   needed to pack them
-   MotoCzysz has the most integrated battery package in the industry
-   Intellectual property of the pack might be a business

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