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Author Topic: United Kingdom Motorcycle Show 2017 - Birmingham  (Read 135 times)


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United Kingdom Motorcycle Show 2017 - Birmingham
« on: November 27, 2017, 07:24:37 PM »

Having just attended the bike show in Birmingham I was interested to see a general lack of e-bike related products. I think it might be worse that even last year because ZERO distributors were NOT even there.

- BMW - large Maxi-scooter - unchanged (heavy and ugly)
- KTM - Freeride E - updated with new battery and pricing
- Energica Ego - one example with a story about the Isle of Man TT entry last year.
- Evoke - a few naked bikes, pricey and with rather mixed styling (at least someone is trying)
- There were a few kids bikes and that was about it..

Honda - no, Ducati - definitely not, Yamaha/Suzuki/Kawasaki - no....

There seems to be a gap in the current 'e'bike experience: generally electric on a bicycle creates fast, light vehicles most cyclists don't want and that need legislating due to their speed (plus contrived pedals). Electric on a motorcycle is a better fit because we're already legislated sufficiently and accept the heavier weight; however as an 'interest group' I don't see electric motorcycles being interesting to bikers. Makes me think these vehicles need their own shows really where electric motorcycles are the main show and pedal-electrics are a parallel niche.

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Re: United Kingdom Motorcycle Show 2017 - Birmingham
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2017, 10:29:28 PM »

Did you notice that there was a stand for the Vespa Electtrica but they had put an old school petrol bike on it instead? Compared to EICMA where there were over 20 electric brands there (albeit the majority were Chinese), manufacturers really dont see a compelling reason to invest in such events here yet.
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