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Author Topic: Where to buy 75-5 motor  (Read 178 times)


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Where to buy 75-5 motor
« on: August 20, 2017, 10:06:12 PM »

Hello.  Yesterday I bought a 2011 Zero XU with what I was led to believe a bad battery pack.  The bike would turn on but the red light would erratically flash with no sequence at all, and it would randomly beep, also with no sequence, and the "fuel gage" had one bar and was flashing.  Very clean, only 1871 miles.  My plan is to rebuild the pack with Tesla cells from a Model S.  Take the cell pack apart, isolate individual cells, then build battery banks that are 31 cells in parallel, 14 banks, totaling 57V with 93aH.  Around 5kWh if each cell is around 3aH.  And yes, I've done the math and I can make it all fit in the OEM brick. 

Well, of course after 30 minutes of having the bike in my garage I had the battery pack apart.  Meters out at 51VDC.   ???  So, to further troubleshoot I rested the skinned pack back in the bike sideways and connected everything back up just like it was.  Low and behold the "fuel" gage said 50% life, and no more weird flashing or beeping.  Only the constant red flash because of the kickstand. 

So, raise the kickstand and LIGHTLY roll on the throttle standing next to the bike and I'll be damned if she didn't scoot along right beside me!   ;D  Then for the next few hours I put it on the charger and now it's at a full tank with 57VDC. 

Long story short, I'm speculating that somewhere a connection was marginal and sending a weird signal to something else causing the erratic beeping and red light flashing, and non-running state.

Going forward, I'm still building the Tesla 18650 pack.  1.7kWh isn't enough.  I'm also thinking the top speed of 51mph isn't going to be enough as well.  I've got a 7 mile commute into work from San Diego to Poway.  Part of this is in a 55mph zone.  Physics tells me to:

Get a higher voltage motor
Get a larger controller
Build a higher voltage battery pack

But the frame rails in the XU only allow for another approx. 5/8" of motor length.  Current motor is an ME0810, which from Google tells me that's the same as the ME0708 but with temp sensing.  Anything with a higher voltage from Motenergy is too long and would hit the left frame rail EXCEPT the ME1507 (which is basically the 75-5 from Zero).   

I have searched all over the internet and the only reference to actually buying one is Doctorbass telling someone he sent them a PM with information where to get one.  How do I get one of them? And how much are they?  I've found the ME1507 for around $1400, but it's an Australian EV supplier. 

Thank you. 
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