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Author Topic: MX500 / MX650 to MX800 Cheap Fast Safe (help critique please)  (Read 161 times)


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Me and a couple friends have a MX500/650s. We are all currently running 48v on stock controllers/motors.

We already have 48v smart chargers that we use off the stock charging port.

I just ordered the three of us the 800w 36v motors on ebay for $55 shipped each when buying three (figured that was a deal).

I then ordered three of these 48-60v 45a controllers ($30 shipped each), I know someone on here called them mini yk43b's but not sure where that comes from or any other details behind them.

My thoughts are to get some 8 or 10 guage wire and hook everything up but also introduce this resetteble fuse breaker for $6 each shipped.

1. Should I get a 50amp breaker or a 60amp breaker?
2. When hooking up the breaker do I do it to the positive or negative wire?
3. Does the breaker act as my on off switch thus eliminating the stock one (I assume stock would be too weak for the setup).
4.  Can I run simple 18ga or similar to the first positive and last negative battery posts to the charging port directly so that I can still use that since the controller does not have a charging connector? (I assume that would make that port live so I guess I could wire it to the stock on off switch).
5. I am running 4 9ah 12v SLA batteries they are fresh, will these be sufficient? They currently are and run a long time but that is on the stock 500w/650w with the standard controller.

Thanks, figured I would ask my questions while helping others source a cheap build.

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