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Author Topic: Zero Drag Racing June 11 2017 race  (Read 387 times)


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Zero Drag Racing June 11 2017 race
« on: June 12, 2017, 11:35:44 AM »

Today i went to the drag race track with both of my Zero and NYX with improoved setup.

Unfortunatly there was INTENSE crosswind ( 40-45mph!! non stop all the afternoon!!)  all 2 wheels was not allowed because of that..

Then at 1hour before closing the track the wind drop to 30mph..  so i was able to try. but they allowed  us only on the 1/8 mile....

on the Zero i have swaped the 132t for a 98T to get better top speed and expect to get better time at the 1/4.. but to loose a bit on the 1/8.

 So I made 2 runs with the new gearing (swaped the rear 132t for a 98T to get better top end). But only on 1/8 mile it was impossible
 to see the real benefit as it was to improove my top speed and get better 1/4mile numbers. So i wend from 7.3s on the 1/8 with the
previous 132T to 7.6s with the new 98T sproket.. however my top speed at the 1/8 was already better and i was still accelerating witch
 is a great indication of the 1/4 mile that could be better than my best time 12.2s.

Here is my timeslip ( forget about the 1/4 time i was decelerating after the 1/8 mile line)

dont miss the intense white cloud!!! :twisted:


see the time slip too!

Zero Drag racing bike: 12.2s 1/4 mile and 7.3s 1/8 mile

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Re: Zero Drag Racing June 11 2017 race
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2017, 08:58:03 PM »

Better luck next time!
It's like flying, but with more traction.  And none of that Z-axis complexity.

Lost my faith in Zero with my 2011 S, but regained it with my 2014 SR.  Diginow SCv2 changed my SR from a fun ride to primary transport.

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