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Author Topic: Continuous and peak power and torque  (Read 226 times)


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Continuous and peak power and torque
« on: June 05, 2017, 12:10:00 PM »

I see some people are confusing data between the Zero components and the Zero motrocycle rating.

Let me help you to understand guys:

Let's take the exemple of the 550A current rating of the Sevcon size 6 gen 4.5 controller of the new MY17 SR and DSR.
 His battery current rating is what we find on the lable i think.  While the 775a is Phase current...

Think about it.. if it would draw 775A from the battery (witch should keep about 102V under full load) than you guys should have about 79kW ( over 100hp power into the controller) witch is not as we know. ( this is easy to understand that there is no way that the motor anc controlelr wodl dissipate 79-52kW = 27kW in heat!!

Some more realistic data that also correlate with the 550A is that the MY17 SR are rated 52kW (at the wheel)  ( 102v x 550A) = 56kW less eff loss =  probably that 52kW at the wheel...

Some controller manufacture rate their controller with phase current ( ex Kelly shit) while some other rate with battery current.

You need to understand the diff between both guys. 
Just remind that phase current give you the torque... and battery current give you at up to how fast you can sustain it ( torque x rpm = power)

Also the SAE rating has nothing to do with maximum power like the Zero and many motorcycle manufacture rate their engine. the 2016 SR is 16kW because this is the CONTINUOUS power it can sustain at a stabilized temperature without overheating.
This is also why Zero can rate their motorcycle also at a continuous max speed they can sustain... ex: 80mph max  continuous speed  that would require 16kW... etc

Zero Drag racing bike: 12.2s 1/4 mile and 7.3s 1/8 mile

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