• May 24, 2017, 05:43:45 PM
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Author Topic: *not a racing event* 2017 June 6 skyline from San Francisco to Mountain View  (Read 61 times)


  • Motorcycles are for everyday transportation. And fun too.
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Non highway route.  (Yes, it can be done). Our first weekday ride, so it'll probably be a small crew.  Optional lunch in the Computer History Museum Cafe, with my member discount, or nearby.  Those who own TSLA stock can then attend Elon Musk's presentation at 2:30 if they bring adequate documentation, by that's beyond the scope. There's a twist lock 220 outlet in the parking area- I'll bring an adapter and a 4-way c13 splitter.  There are Telsa destination chargers, but I imagine they'll be full, and I don't have my adapter yet anyway.  Lots of other charging nearby, much of it for Google employees only.

Meet at the Volta chargers at Stonestown https://api.plugshare.com/view/location/50977 at 10:30, kickstands up 10 AM, come early if you need to charge, and DM me if you'd like to set up intermediate meet points or charging locations.

There will be no pressure to ride fast, this is not a race, this is a fun ride with friends.

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Motorcycles are for everyday transportation.  And fun too.
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