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Author Topic: 2009 "X" no go when turn throttle-green light solid  (Read 173 times)


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2009 "X" no go when turn throttle-green light solid
« on: April 23, 2017, 04:59:27 AM »

We were out about 3 miles, ran thru some sand and it did well. We stopped for lunch for and half hour and when we turned the key on, green light on, battery one Green bar-turned the throttle and it just "Clicked" the chain kinda jumped like it was gonna go and that was it. When I leave the throttle on full after the click I just hear a "DRRRRRRRRRR" coming form the blue box in front of the motor.
Any Ideas. Oh, I drove out and put it in the truck and drove home. I charged the battery and still the same. ---Any ideas of how to test to find problem??

Update: I blew all dirt dust from motor, took off the panels to get at inside.
Saw a type of celluloid in front of the blue box, so I turned throttle to see if IT was clicking, like a car, and it ran into the wall!!! Shudda had it on a stand.
Took for a test run and it ran great, but green light cut out for a second - then back on. All connections are clean, so I will put back together and text.
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