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Author Topic: Installed my SuperCharger V2!  (Read 3465 times)


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Re: Installed my SuperCharger V2!
« Reply #60 on: February 27, 2017, 07:01:53 AM »

So I finally got around to put everything together. As I mentioned, brake lines on my 2016 SR were pain to deal with. I've no idea if that's specific to my particular bike or all 2016 SRs, hopefully someone can confirm this.

I've pretty much followed Chicamungo steps, with a few small changes/notes below.

BMS enclosure box (aluminium box with green circle on it) has bolts on each side. You need to position your SC controller closer to the middle of the this enclosure, otherwise these bolts prevent Velcro from holding box in place.

There's a little lip at the front of tank space underside, you should be able to slide SC all the way to it. Also, not pictured on this photo, but I zip-tied this outlet to the frame here so it sits behind the cowl and provides relatively easy access. This will do for now, but I'll get dust cover just in case.

This is how AUX cable is routed back inside. I wrapped wires in 3M Scotch Super 88 Vinyl Electrical Tape to be on the safe side too:

For whatever reason, my brake lines are pretty long. I didn't want to put SCv2 on top of them and they don't bend easily. So to put SCv2 in, I had to lift them up a bit, feed 3 wires from SCv2 itself under brake lines, then slide SCv2 unit itself in place, then let brake lines spring back to where they wanted to be. They apply some tension to the SCv2 mounting bracket, so I wrapped them and bracket itself in some vinyl tape to reduce possible wear. Probably unnecessary :)

Everything put together:

I didn't have to remove helmet lock as others suggested. I'll admit it's definitely easier to screw cover back in if there's more space in that area, but I don't think it's absolutely necessary.

Finally some photos of Power Tank cover. I used Dremel to make initial hole and then sort of grinded excess plastic away bit by bit. I wanted to position it as forward as possible as adviced by Brandon but I also wanted to have as small of opening as I can to limit element's exposure. Cover should open to the left :)

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