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Author Topic: Farasis interview, 3d printing battery pack enclosures, Zero and Brammo  (Read 604 times)


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Some interesting bits here about the relationship between Farasis and Brammo, Zero.

One of Farasis’s battery packs’ big applications right now is electric motorcycles.

“We just recently completed a build for Brammo’s Isle of Man motorcycle,” says Edwards. “The bikes performed flawlessly and everything went great.”

Another notable name on their customer list is Zero, known for their high-performance electric motorcycles.

“They are right in the middle of their build year right now, making 17 bikes a day,” Edwards explains. “Going to a production-level status with them is pretty fun.”

Zero’s bikes use somewhere between 56 and 140 of Farasis’s battery cells, and the Farasis team has also made some 3D printed test fixtures and parts for their validation builds.
Sounds like Farasis is pretty involved with pack construction, beyond simply supplying cells.

Also interesting, there's a Palatov kart shown in the video. Palatov built an electric version of their DP1 track car back in 2010, it was sold in 2012. Perhaps the owner is taking it in for a new battery pack, or perhaps a new electric prototype is in the works?

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