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Author Topic: 2013 FX battery question  (Read 523 times)


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2013 FX battery question
« on: February 01, 2016, 02:03:59 AM »

I am looking at a 2013 FX battery that is supposedly got internal damage (collapsed cells).  I want to evaluate the battery and see what kind of damage there may be internally.  something that threw me off however was when I checked the main power connector contacts and it had 111VDC without anything being connected.  I know on my 2015 batteries the contactor must be enabled for voltage to be present at the main contacts.  Can anyone confirm if this battery is supposed to be always hot?   I looked down in the little view port where you are supposed to see the BMS LED's and there is no board in there!  It looks like the BMS board fits into an edge connector and it is gone; can this be confirmed that the 2013 battery had a BMS that fit in this location?  Also, if anyone can provide any information or pictures of the batteries internal setup before I dive in that would be much appreciated! 
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