• February 21, 2018, 05:21:04 PM
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Author Topic: Is Electric Motorsports top secret? (Or do you have to kill me if you tell me?)  (Read 2360 times)


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These guys won the TTXGP, they have these new 2009 bikes out that are 72 volts (as opposed to thr 48 volt bike that Green Caledonian test rode) and look really good on paper (60-70 mph for 35 miles).  Their msrp is an outstanding $8,500.  But the only information I can get on the Internet about them is a couple of diligent reviews by a couple of fellows on the elmoto site who seemed to have run into a fair share of problems with last year's 48 volt bikes. 

Does anybody know anything more about these machines, especially the newer 2009 machines?  Or the company itself, as far as whether it has a chance in hell of surviving for a while?

Thanks in advance!
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