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Author Topic: Best place for adding passenger footpegs for XU ?  (Read 577 times)


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Best place for adding passenger footpegs for XU ?
« on: June 30, 2015, 02:01:51 AM »

Sometimes I want to take a passenger with my XU 2013 for short distances,
and it is getting really uncomfortable when the put their feet behind my heels ;-)
 ... so I need passenger footpegs.

Now I saw there are some official for FX2014+:


but the XU 2013 has a slight different frame and no  threads for them.

So I decided to add some myself, maybe using the FX ones, but cannot decide what is the best solution:

1) Position of passenger footpegs:

Has anyone experience with the FX footbegs and mabye suggest another position ?

Since Zeros has no exhaust pipe, it would be save to place them closer to the frame,
maybe I can additional use them for mounting an flat pipe from them to the top case holder,
so I can mount side bags (or charger) as an option.
 + more tight and not so disturbing
 - more dangerous for getting the feet in the wheels (dirt and  loose clothes).

Since XU is a little lower than FX, maybe they should be placed lower:

 + more comfortable for passenger
 - less space for drivers foot to the rear.

I have seen also some of them on the Swing-arm, which could be easier to install with bolt and nuts,
But I suspect this can be dangerous for extreme tild.
( What is the maximum declination which should be considered for bikes like XU ? )

b) Mounting

Cutting threads in the frame:

+ easier to achieve and more secure mounting
- weaken the frame

clamp on the frame (with self made aluminium clamps where I cut the threads).

+ does not alter the bike and weaken the frame
- more work and  not so eye candy  and doesn't look official gear ;-)
  (Since I have to list them officially in my certificate)

Weling additional aluminium parts to the frame for mounting

- I cannot weld aluminium.
+ strengthen the frame (if done well maybe)

Any suggesitons ?
I am really undecided if  additional threads in the frame are wise or is there enough space ?

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