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Author Topic: Going to Stuttgart to take more information about "elmoto"  (Read 3775 times)


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Going to Stuttgart to take more information about "elmoto"
« on: July 05, 2009, 01:47:15 AM »

Hi! first of all! My name is Fermín! And im spanish, but I work in Strasbourg (FR)
Nice to meet this forum! For long time I´ve looking for a place like this, but nothing, in spanish french or english (or most probable, I didn´t find it.... :-\ )

Because I am really interested on this modell, I was thinking to go to Stuttgart (wich is only 1h45min from here) to see the model, ask all the questions I can, take pictures, videos, and test It (if they let me....!)

So, I already sent a message to this guys, And I hope I can go! Is there any question do you want me to ask them? Apart of when does it arrives to to the states?   ::)

One question, Do you people think that the price of this moto, is excesive?

Ok! finally..: so sorry for my bad english! And please, wathever you want me to ask, just tell me!!  ;)




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Re: Going to Stuttgart to take more information about "elmoto"
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2009, 07:14:10 AM »

Hi Akela, thanks for joining and posting. Glad you found us.

Most electric motorcycle prices are high compared to internal compustion engine bikes of similar performance.  If you ride it enough the petrol savings will help offset the cost over time.

Please post any pictures you take.  Thanks!



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Re: Going to Stuttgart to take more information about "elmoto"
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2009, 07:21:12 PM »

Hi! I already know they are more expensive just you to tell me if I buy this moto, What I´m paying more....: design or technology...

I already had a bereco:
(Im not the person of the picture! ;D ;D)

But wasnt a good moto... Was made in china, REALLY BAD QUALITY! and cost me 1800€...! (2.500$) was a bad inversion..

So, I´ve been talking with this guys and this is the conversation:

"Good afternoon, I was interested to see the "elmoto" and to know the price... When will it start it distribution all around europe?. Im Spanish, but I work in Strasbourg, Could be possible to go to Stuttgart in order to take more information about the moto? If Its possible, please just tell me wich is time your place is open.
 Thank you very much!"

the answer:

"Hi Fermin,
Thanks a lot for your interest in ELMOTO!
In Europe the bikes will be available Summer 2009 (probably end of July). At the moment we are working hard to find distributors. But even if there is no distributor, you will be able to place your order on our web shop starting August 2009.
The retail price is 3980€ incl. 19% German VAT and excluding shipping.

and my last mail:

"...I was thinking to go to Stuttgart, because I´m really interested on buying your electric moto (wich apart from Its amazing design, It´s got great features!! GOOD JOB!) So I would like to know if would be good If I go on July the 14 for you, If you yet have a clients service who could help me with the plenty of questions I do have! Or if I just can watch the moto, would be ok for me..."

Let´s see what it happens!
see you!
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