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Author Topic: ELMOTO HR-2 - Possible upgrades?  (Read 1884 times)


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ELMOTO HR-2 - Possible upgrades?
« on: May 05, 2009, 11:44:36 PM »

Can you all tell that I'm excited about the release of this bike?

I'm very curious to see if EnerTrac's MHM602 Hub Motor will work with the HR-2. The upgrade from the HR-2's 1.7kW continuous / 2kW peak output to the MHM602's 10kW continuous / 30kW peak output should make for a VERY interesting ride, I would think.

Anyway, here's the link to EnerTrac's MHM602: http://www.doingitall.net/EnerTrac/product.php#a

I guess first I'd have to figure out how to upgrade the HR-2's battery pack from 48V to 96V, LOL.
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