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Author Topic: OSET Can't Sell Bikes Due to Recent Regulations  (Read 3375 times)


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OSET Can't Sell Bikes Due to Recent Regulations
« on: February 14, 2009, 07:10:44 AM »

OSET makes electric motorcycles for children.  Recent legislation coming from the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) now prevents OSET from selling any motorcycles for fear that a child might lick or bite them and consume harmful materials.
As of Tuesday, February 10th, 2009, the small powersports industry has all but been shut down. This affects not only dealers and new units but individuals all across the U.S. New and used units as well as parts avilability for every used unit in the nation has been called under question.

Please follow the links below and help OSET get an temporary exclusion from these laws.

As Tom Self's petion states, this letter will request that...

...the CPSC to grant the petition for temporary exclusions submitted by the snowmobile, ATV, and off-highway motorcycle industry.



OSET's statement on the matter...
The Government and CPSC enacted new lead laws on February 10th 2009. The law requires manufacturers of all children's products, for kids of 12 or under, to certify that all parts conform to a 600ppm limit for lead. The law applies to both surfaces and 'substrates'. At this time, the definition means that lead in any substrate is 'hazardous', even if it is completely insoluble (as lead in steel is) and poses no health risks whatsoever. Therefore, steel alloys, which typically contain lead, are now deemed 'hazardous'. From our research, we understand spoke nipples and cable housings on all motorcycles and bicycles contain lead beyond 600ppm. Honda, Yamaha etc have all withdrawn their youth bikes from sale, and at this time, OSET has done the same. We emphasize that this is not because of any parts of our bikes (or any other bikes) being hazardous. Our bikes test well under the 600ppm lead in paint limits. OSET bikes have always put the highest emphasis on safety. We have stocks of bikes that we can not sell until this law is fixed. We urge you to contact your Senator and Congress-person and let them know that this law has many unintended consequences, and is killing the youth motorcycle and bicycle markets. In the meantime, we would be happy to talk to you directly, and to take your information. When this law is fixed, we can then contact you and take your order. We can be reached on 303 990-2390.

Lots more info..

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