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 on: Today at 08:28:42 PM 
Started by rider7 - Last post by clay.leihy
Easy answer to op, get a cord rated at 15A.

2015 FX ZF6.5 👹 DoD #2160,6

Actually it's not that easy. Cords are often overrated because the expected load is intermittent, not continuous for hours.

That's why we talk about wire size, instead of what the cord or box says.
Perfect, since my Zero draws up to 15A, not continuous. And going just by gauge can get you in trouble if you don't consider length.

2015 FX ZF6.5 👹 DoD #2160,6

 on: Today at 08:24:33 PM 
Started by rider7 - Last post by clay.leihy
Depends on ambient temp as well. At 30F and 50% my FX won't do over 60 mph. Same conditions but warmer, say 70F, it'll do 80+.

2015 FX ZF6.5 👹 DoD #2160,6

 on: Today at 07:31:58 PM 
Started by stevenh - Last post by MostlyBonkers
Sage advice there Brian. Do what Brian says folks.

If you're an idle bugger like me, use my method but don't blame me if you check on your bike in spring and find it's bricked!

 on: Today at 07:04:21 PM 
Started by domingo3 - Last post by BrianTRice
You already contacted your dealer and zero about this, right?

  Had previously sent Email to Zero.  I just sent this to my dealer (Hollywood Electrics) yesterday, and they responded right away.  Unfortunately, I need to bring the bike in for diagnostics. 
  Since I live far from a dealer, I will have to rent a trailer and set aside a day to bring it.  I also depend on the bike for daily transportation.  I knew the risk going in, bit at least it's working for me while I figure out the best time to bring it in.

That's unfortunate, but if any dealer can understand what's going on with your bike, it would be Harlan. Seriously. Good luck.

 on: Today at 06:59:30 PM 
Started by stevenh - Last post by BrianTRice
FWIW, there's a report on FB that their bike lost 45% SoC in two months while unattended.

I know there's a huge bias for anyone to assume that maintenance doesn't need to be done because nothing went wrong the last time you checked. But you check because something might have gone wrong and you want to make sure anything is taken care of.

So, 90% of the bikes 90% of the time discharge at a microscopic rate and have good cel balance. Newer bikes with better battery engineering are on the top of that list. But maybe that pre-2015 bike develops a very minor leak current (or the BMS acts up subtly) that doesn't even produce heat, but does discharge the battery at a rate of 10% per month. You'll never notice if you don't look and have a way to compare.

This was ground into me running military nuclear power plants, where you're meant to really check every dial in the plant for changes, and understand those changes and be able to explain them. Getting bored and acting like everything is fine works most of the time, until it doesn't. I like things that last a long time and are easy to work on, troubleshoot, and keep maintained. Building or having things that wear out is a drag. Not being able to understand what you want to take care of is a drag, which is why I am repulsed by modern cars.

I'm sure the responsible thing to do (plugged or unplugged) is to go check your bike SoC once a month while it's in storage, and do something about it if it's out of the 20-80% range (or 95-100% range plugged in). Think of it as protecting your investment.

 on: Today at 06:09:15 PM 
Started by craigq - Last post by BrianTRice
Dealer took the bike in today.  They were downloading the logs when I left.  Nice thing about buyer for a big dealership, they gave me a loaner bike until my problem is resolved.


That is the nicest loaner bike I've ever heard of (BMW R1200RS). Most are happy to get a 650cc bike.

 on: Today at 06:07:07 PM 
Started by gman669 - Last post by BrianTRice
GWP do a 1.2kW version of that charger. Unfortunately not the same size, because that would have been a neat little upgrade.

Yes, the 1.2kW version is the one used on S/DS/etc models. It's the one most on this forum are familiar with.

 on: Today at 06:05:38 PM 
Started by rider7 - Last post by BrianTRice
Well, I told him about my new purchase of the zero and that it came with an "extension cord" style charging cord, that I am definitely using without being in the room for hours to watch.

What Zero provides is not an extension cord. It's a power cable that is probably regulated by the NEC. An extension cord attaches to what they provide, and adds to the voltage drop and adds to the resistance possibilities and wear at the connection.

(Found ref via UL: http://productspec.ul.com/document.php?id=FFSO.GuideInfo)

He asked if it came with the bike and that I'd be able to shift the case towards Zero if it would happen, since they would send the cord in for forensic analysis after an incident.

Any take on this here?

If my house burns down because of me charging my zero, is my insurance going to balk?

If you use a cable not to the spec that Zero insists on in the owner's manual (see: Power Pack and Charging for the extension cable spec: "grounded, 3-wire 12-AWG cord no longer than 25ft" also saying not to share the Zero charging with any other device on a single 15/20A circuit), I'm sure you'd be assigned fault if investigators found it to be relevant.

If you use an extension cable in addition to any other cable that plugs into a Zero, you'd better make sure it fits the specification.

My first reply was really too vague. The answer to your original question just "No.". Using a 16AWG cable is risky and an accident with one will be your fault. Don't treat electricity casually.

 on: Today at 05:47:49 PM 
Started by Low On Cash - Last post by BrianTRice
Obligatory wiki reference (which is mostly up to date, pending one edit from FB): http://zeromanual.com/index.php/Zero_Aftermarket#Headlamp

 on: Today at 03:00:07 PM 
Started by vfx - Last post by Fred
I'm not sure that you can say something is maintenance free with any confidence after only 600 miles. I've had a Ducati that was still maintenance free at that point! ;-)

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