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 on: Today at 08:04:15 PM 
Started by Delnari - Last post by Doug S
Zero is in the process of changing our charging and storage recommendations for 2013 and newer motorcycles, but it has nothing to do with power pack overheating, lawyers, or any of the other issues discussed above.  We’ve learned much from several years of experience with our current cells and from data provided by the manufacturer. We are applying these learnings in a number of areas.  One key change is that we are no longer requiring that you always keep the motorcycle plugged in. In fact, we have found that our 2013 and newer motorcycles should have even longer and healthier lives if the motorcycle is left unplugged when charging isn’t need.

I guess I don't understand why people are having trouble with Aaron's statement. He says NOTHING about the BMS or any of the electronics, NOTHING about anybody's perceived risk of fire, the one and only consideration is lifetime of the cells. Sounds like long-term data from the lab and the field indicates the batteries might be SLIGHTLY better off if they're not continuously trickle-charged once they reach 100%.

I'm with Terry....if I was going to store my bike for anything longer than a couple of days, I'd unplug it. But since I ride essentially every day (god bless San Diego weather!), I'm not going to change my habits. I'll ride during the day and recharge it overnight. I'm not going to be rushing out to unplug it at 2 in the morning because it should be done charging.

 on: Today at 07:59:31 PM 
Started by MajorMajor - Last post by Richard230
Dealer mentioned 2 were stolen in my area.
I think both were recovered.

Likely when the bikes stopped running and the thieves had no idea why and couldn't find the gas cap.   ;)

 on: Today at 07:57:12 PM 
Started by 06z - Last post by NEW2elec
No decrease in charge time if your only using the on board chargers.  You can get the power tank and a supercharger in a top case and have your range and faster charging.
But the cheapest way is to look and see if you have a "back road" option to work.  It will take longer, maybe quite a bit longer, but if you go 45-55 MPH for longer stretches you should have enough for a round trip.

 on: Today at 07:51:49 PM 
Started by hippiesparx - Last post by evtricity
Looks like you might be onto something there, will you also offer to install them and show people how to use them correctly for those of us that know nothing about electronics?

If I produce a kit then I wouldn't recommend it to people with no electronics skills. The idea of producing a kit is to keep the cost down and allow people with some basic electrical and mechanical skills to assemble the units and get inexpensive fast charging. To build a fully complete unit requires a significant increase in cost - defeating one of the main aims of making these chargers - low cost.

In terms of installing them on a Zero - there are other charging options that are IP rated and suitable for installing on the bike - but they also come at 2-4 times the price for the same charge rate. I chose this path because given appropriate handling and use (carried in weatherproof bags/box and not left in the rain when charging), these chargers will be 50-80% cheaper than similar powered chargers (multiple TC, Elcon, Quiqs) with a similar 50-80% reduction in weight and volume.

In terms of how to use them, they are a DC charger with Anderson DC output connectors that utilise Zero's fast charge port. Use of the fast charge ports is covered in the Zero manual.

 on: Today at 07:19:16 PM 
Started by Aikirob - Last post by Aikirob
Happy Trails SU racks are sturdy. @BrianTRice owns a set that I've seen in person and would recommend for your consideration.

The OEM toprack bracket I don't think anyone has done a better 3rd party version of it. I have one installed and it's good enough but not exceptionally sturdy for unusual top loads.

These options are expensive but if they're right for you then the cost will soon be easy to forget.

will cost about the same in Australia though due to bad currency and large shipping

 on: Today at 07:13:13 PM 
Started by hippiesparx - Last post by Aikirob
Very curious about your charger solution. Can you give us a bit more info, pics or perhaps a sneak preview?

Here's a preview of what we're testing for our Zero bikes.

Photo shows six stack => 116V DC, up to 12kW DC charging, 9kg inc case and cables, 29cm (L), 18cm (W), 14cm (H).

Also testing smaller modules - 2 stack and 2 side-by-side. If the testing is successful will look to offer them as kits including rectifiers, case, PCB connectors and cables. Price TBA but will be under AUD1000 (USD750) for the 4kW DC charger.
Looks like you might be onto something there, will you also offer to install them and show people how to use them correctly for those of us that know nothing about electronics?

 on: Today at 06:36:58 PM 
Started by 06z - Last post by 06z
If you are only wanting the charge tank for the connector, then I *strongly* suggest getting a Power Tank instead and then using a J1772 or Menekies adaptor like one of these to charge from you homes' level 2 EVSE.


This is what I do, I have a power tank on my SR, and charge off level 2 EVSE's using a cable similar to this one (mines a Menekies as J1772 connectors are obsolete here in the UK)

What is the charge time with that adapter if the bike was at 10 % or so?

 on: Today at 06:31:22 PM 
Started by SM - Last post by kashography
i measured my 16 SR with 4.3s 0-100km/h (maybe 4.15 0-60mp/h). So i was a bit disappointed because they advertised 3.3s. Now they are getting there, but removed the 0-60/0-100 numbers, who knows why.

 on: Today at 06:19:27 PM 
Started by domingo3 - Last post by domingo3
My bike has no modifications.  As far as I know, nobody else has had the same exact problem.  The bike that had the immobilizer is a clearly different situation.  If anyone else has already had a dealer look at their for something similar, I'd love to hear about it.

 on: Today at 06:19:24 PM 
Started by MajorMajor - Last post by MajorMajor
Dealer mentioned 2 were stolen in my area.
I think both were recovered.

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